Gisele Jubinville -
This website is dedicated to all players of VLTs and slot machines 
who did not survive their addiction, and to their loved ones for
having to deal with such a tragic loss.
Hello, my name is Gisele Jubinville and for 10 years, I was severely addicted to VLTs and Slot Machines.  It wasn't until I discovered misleading, false, and missing information concerning these machines that my incessant urge to play ended. 
I've written about my personal struggles, my challenges while communicating with my government about their machines, the discoveries I made while researching over a 9 year period and my success in finally ending my addiction in my new memoir called DISMISSED.To purchase my book, please visit
  • The YouTube Video 
is what helped me understand, more than anything else I found while researching over a 7 year period, why my addiction to VLTs and slot machines was NOT a disease or weakness but rather a 'PROGRAMMED BEHAVIOR'.
  • To learn more about some of the disturbing discoveries I made during my research, check out  MY ARTICLES
  • If you are a regular player of EGMs, I invite you to take my new and revolutionary PLAYER BEHAVIOR QUIZ . Completing this FREE and unique quiz may save you thousands of dollars, years of anxiety and depression and maybe even your life!
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